Innovative Product Design

Introducing The WhiskiPad Stand

The WhiskiPad stand has been designed and built from reclaimed materials, specifically, 100% recycled Scotch whisky barrels that you can still smell the natural whisky aroma from. The stand is an innovative product which is perfect for your iPad, iPhone and many other tablet and smartphone devices on the market today.


Small, durable and good looking are just a few of the qualities of this fantastic little stand. Have a read through our blog for more benefits and uses for your WhiskiPad stand.
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For your iPad, Nexus, Galaxy & more

The WhiskiPad stand is designed to accommodate almost every tablet in the marketplace.

So versatile it will work with your iPad series 1, iPad series 2, the new iPad, the even newer iPad and the iPad mini straight out of the box without any adjustments or modifications.

It will also work with your Nexus, Galaxy Tab, Kindle, TouchPad, Motorola Zoom and many, many more. It’s a real versatile little stand.

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For your Smartphone

Many people want to sit their smartphone upright rather than flat on the desk so they can see calls and messages easier as they come through.

So versatile is the little WhiskiPad stand, it will work with your iPhones, Galaxy S series and most other handsets straight out of the box without any adjustments or modifications – happy days.

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